Kris Rent a Car – Terms



The Lessor hereby leases, delivers and assigns to the Lessee, in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof the use of its cars, parts and equipment (forms, tools, accessories such as: jack, spare parts, triangle, fire extinguisher, cone, triangle, pharmacy). These cars including all accessories and equipment will be called shortly for “Car / s”..

Article 2: DURATION

The duration of this Agreement begins on the date of signature hereof, indicated on the front page. At the expiration of the above term and on the specific date stated on the front page of this page the Lessee is obliged to deliver the Car to the Lessor. The minimum lease term is 24 hours (1 day). If the delivery is delayed 30 minutes beyond the agreed time, the Lessee will be charged with one (1) extra day of rental.

If the Lessee wishes to extend the lease term, he / she must notify the Lessor in writing at least 24 hours prior to the termination of the lease, in order to obtain the relevant written approval. Otherwise he is liable for civil and criminal liability for unlawful use and possession of the car.

Article 3: RENTAL

The rent of each Car, which fully corresponds to the rental value of the Car and is listed on the front page herein and is in accordance with the pricelist whose Lessee declares knowledge.

The entire rent is payable by the Lessee to the Lessor upon signature herein in cash or by credit card. The Lessee agrees to pay on his credit card any charges arising from the terms hereof, whether this is a lease, a guarantee, or possible damage – compensation – extra service / service.

The rent includes basic car insurance, ie Third Party Liability, 24-Hour Road Assistance, Accident Care, 100km free per day, Replacement of the car directly with another available class of indemnity or sub-class, in the event of an accident until this is repaired.

An advance payment must be made to book him / her. In case of cancellation up to 2 weeks before the vehicle is delivered, the deposit will be refunded in full. In case of cancellation between 1st and 2nd week 50% of the deposit will be refunded and if canceled one week before then the deposit will not be refunded

Article 4. WARRANTY

The Lessee shall pay the Lessor 600.00€ as a guarantee for the proper performance of this Contract if has not  a credit card. The amount of the guarantee shall remain  the lessor throughout the term of this Agreement, shall not be offset against any due rent and shall be returned without interest to the lessee upon termination of this contract, provided that the lessee  has fulfilled all of its obligations.  In any other case, the credit card shall be in the guarantee position until the expiration of 10 days from the expiration of this perio


The Car was delivered today to the Lessee in perfect condition and free from any real or other defects. The Lessee carefully checked the Car, found it appropriate and received it unconditionally. The Lessee is obliged to return to the Lessor the Car along due the registration certificate and all relevant forms in the same condition as received and at the place and time indicated on the front page of this page. As well as the same amount of fuel the car had when delivering to the Lessee. Any difference in the amount of fuel, calculated on the basis of the relevant dashboard indicator, shall be charge to the Lessee and paid upon deliver of the vehicle to the Lessor.
If the car is returned with less fuel than the amount received, then the Lessee is charged proportionally, at a rate of 10 liters / 100 Km, plus an extra € 10 for the extra refueling cost of the car.
In addition, the Lessee is obliged to inform about any fines imposed by KOK(CRT) or any other violations and is obliged to pay the relevant fines immediately. In any breach by the lessee of this term and at any charge to the lessor for which the lessee is liable, the lessor shall be entitled to withhold the amount of damage from the lessee’s credit card in his or her possession. In any case of delay in the delivery of the car, the Lessee is obliged to pay the rent corresponding to the days of delay.

Article 6: TERMS OF USE

  1. The Car Leased to the Lessee hereunder may only be used by authorized drivers only, who must have a valid Greek or International Driving License and have been issued at least one year before; as detailed on the front page herein and exclusively within the framework of the performance of the Lessee’s purpose and activities. In the case of a younger driver a premium is required, according to the price list.
  2. The Lessee is obliged to take care of the Car, to carefully check its mechanical condition, oil and water level, tires, etc. and to take all measures necessary for the normal operation of the Car. Any repairs and generally interference with the Car by the Lessee, or any other third party is prohibited without the prior written permission of the Lessor.
  3. Cars are prohibited from being used:

a) Anyone under the age of 23,

b) For the transport of persons or things for a fee;

c) For towing other cars; to third parties,

d) For the carriage or movement of heavy luggage or articles,

e) flammable materials, filthy or malodorous objects, drugs, weapons or any other objects the possession and transportation of which is prohibited by the applicable provisions or may pose any risk to its safety;

f) for transportation outside Greece or for loading on ferry boats, without the prior written approval of the Lessor.

g) If the driver of the Car is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance that affects the driving ability and senses of the driver or is generally in a state of impaired driving and perception,

h) customs or any other applicable provision.

i) Outside the framework of the Lessee’s activities, purpose and work.

Article 7: ACCIDENTS

In the event of an accident or any other incident (fire, theft, loss, etc.), the Lesse and / or the authorized driver shall, immediately, follow the following procedure:

a) Notify the police,

b) Enter names and addresses eyewitnesses and any person involved in the above incidents;

c) not recognize any third party claims;

d) Communicate immediately with the Lessor by telephone or by any other means;

e) third party as well as any relevant document or other information (eg photos etc.) and send it to the Lessor;

f) Complete and sign a relevant statement (accident etc.).


The insurance coverage provided is subject to the condition that the Car is used in strict accordance with the terms and conditions here of. Failure to do so by the Lessee and its authorized drivers shall be fully and solely liable for any damages that may be caused and shall have no claim against the Lessor.
The Lessee and its authorized drivers are fully responsible and shall be fully liable for any damages not covered by the relevant insurance policies, which have been carefully checked and attached hereto as Annex I and form an integral part there of.
Indicative and not restrictive, the insurance coverage provided does not cover:
a) Damage to the underside of the Car, if this results in roads or unpaved roads, damage to tires, wheels, or wheels.
b) Any loss or damage of luggage which is not covered by insurance and for which the Lessor has no liability.
c) Damage to the interior of the car.
d) Damage caused by driver not reported.
e) Damage to outside mirrors or antenna.
f). Damages caused by breach of clause 6.3 hereof.
The Lessor is entitled to receive directly any sums paid by the insurance companies under the relevant contracts in the event of any insurance risk. The Lessee has neither acquired any right or claim over such amounts except in the case of personal injury or death.

Article 9 : DISCLAIMER

The Lessor shall be liable only in the case of willful or gross negligence. In all other cases (including mild negligence, luck or force majeure), the Lesor bears no liability and no claim can be brought against him. Also, the Lessor has no responsibility for any loss or abandonment in the car after it has been delivered.


The Lessor has the right, at its sole discretion, in a written statement to the Lessee, to designate any third party natural or legal person who is fully substitutable for all rights and obligations of the Lessor hereunder. The Lessee is not entitled to assign any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement.

Article 11: OWNERSHIP

Cars are the property of the Lessor for the entire duration of the Lease. The aboved is an exclusively lease agreement and the lessee acknowledges that has no any rights other than those mentioned herein. The Lessee is prohibited from making any use, assigning or recommending any kind of rights to the Cars in favor of third parties. The Lessee is not and in no way can be considered as a representative or representative of the Lessor.


In any case where the
Lessee or the authorized drivers violate or attempt to breach any of their obligations hereunder or in the event that the information given to the Lessor is inaccurate, the Lessor shall be entitled to its absolute choice either to adhere to this Agreement requiring the full remedy of any positive or consequential damages or to terminate this Agreement. In the event of termination of this Agreement, the Lessor shall have the right to looking for of its ownership and legal rights.

Article 13: NON-REQUEST

The non-exercise or delayed exercise by the Contracting Parties of their rights under this Convention shall not constitute or be deemed to constitute a waiver.


Any dispute arising out of the present, including any dispute concerning interpretation, is enforceable and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.
All terms herein are deemed to be basics. Infringement of any of these shall have the consequences for the Article 12. This Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between the Contracting Parties herein and supersedes any written or oral agreement to the contrary.
The headings of the articles are reserved solely for the convenience of the parties and may not be used to interpret this.

Article 15: Fixed Compensation for Negligence / Damage / Disaster / Loss

* Vehicle Key: Auto (simple 80 €) * Antenna: 40 €, * Rim: 80 €, * Wheelchair: 30 €, * Mirrors: 50 €, * Dirty Seats / Wallpaper: 80 €, * Tire: 50 € / item.

Article 16: AMENDMENTS

Any modification, extension or renewal of the terms herein is void unless compiled in writing.


  1. The Lessee consents to the detailed registration of his personal information in an electronic record kept by the lessor. It is expressly agreed that the lessor has the right to use such information when the lessee, during the lease, makes untrue statements or breaches the terms of this agreement and transmits such information to the Authorities of the country, if suspected criminal or other offense.
  2. Pets shall not be permitted, except in exceptional cases with the written consent of the Lessor.
  3. Any notification or announcement in connection with this will be communicated to the addresses listed at the beginning of this document


1) Third Party Coverage (THPL) THIRD PART LIABILITIES:
It covers third party life insurance and personal injury, including onboard Kris rent a car (excluding Kris rent car driver) up to € 1,220,000 per victim as well as third party material damage, up to € 1,220 .000 per accident.
Included in the price.
2) Mixed Cover (CDW) COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER: In the event of a crash or fire in the Kris rent a car vehicle, the rental driver is covered for the cost of repair up to the amount of the car’s value. However, he will have to pay the damage liability amount, which is up to € 900 regardless of the Lessees fault. The liability amount includes repair, storage and loss of car use. When and if Kris rent a car is compensated for the damage, it will refund the corresponding amount to the Lesses. (prices do not include VAT) Cost € 12.00 per day (price does not include VAT).
If CDW is not included in the price and CDW is not purchased, the lesees will be responsible for the total value of the vehicle.
It covers the renter for total and partial loss of the car.
In case of total loss it covers up to the value of the car.
In the event of a partial loss, only things and accessories removed from the car and not allowed to drive are covered. (price does not include VAT)
Theft of all or part of the car caused by the Lesee’s negligence (eg leaving the key in the engine or inside the car, or leaving the car unlocked).
€ 7 per day (price does not include VAT)
If TPC is not included in the price and TPC is not purchased, the lesse will be responsible for the total value of the vehicle in the event of theft.
4) Zero Discharge (Super Cover):
It reduces liability amounts for damage, fire and theft of a Kris rent a car. A prerequisite is that the renter must complete and sign the accident report in case of damage, fire or partial / total theft of the car. In the event that a second vehicle is involved in the accident, the lessee is obliged to call the roadside assistance indicated by Kris rent a car to record the incident and photograph the vehicle.
What does it cover?
Damage caused by intent or negligence – Crystal Damage Damage
Damage caused by incorrect fuel use – Damage resulting from breach of contract
Damage caused by natural disasters or terrorist acts.
Damage caused while Kris rent a car was in a boat.
Cost € 12 per day (price does not include VAT)
It covers the renter’s driver in case of an accident up to € 12,000 for death, total or partial disability and up to € 12,000 for hospitalization.
Cost € 2.5 per day for all car categories. (price does not include VAT).
Note: What ‘Extra Driver’ Means In every Kris rent a car rental, only the driver is insured. If other drivers are going to drive the leased car then they must be present at the start of the rental and have their driver’s license with them. Extra driver service is charged.
6) Windscreen Protection
It covers the crystal breaking of the vehicle.
What does it cover?
Damages caused by intent or negligence
Damages resulting from breach of contract
Damage caused by natural disasters or terrorist acts.
Cost € 3 per day for all car categories.(price does not include VAT)
7) Fire Safety: (FPC) FIRE PROTECTION COVERAGE: The vehicle is secured in case of self-ignition or lightning. Arson or other terrorist act is expressly excluded.

Cost € 6 per day for all car categories. (price does not include VAT)
8) Roadside Assistance – Care at the scene of the accident: Included in the price and is provided by the toll-free hotline 8011125500 and the 210 210404046 (EURO SOS) landline. Legal protection of up to 15.000,00 € is also provided.
9) Extended Roadside Assistance (ERA) EXTRA ROAD ASSISTANCE:
Should Kris rent a car be called upon to serve the tenant, the CHARGE will be proportional to the distance and difficulty of each case at a pre-agreed cost.
such as.
-Carlock if the driver has locked the car with the keys inside the car or if the driver has lost the keys to the vehicle, plus replacement cost in case of loss.
– Assistance in restarting the battery of the vehicle if the damage was caused by intent or negligence.
– Changing a spare tire or even transporting the immobilized vehicle to the nearest workshop if the damage to the tires was caused by intent, negligence or driving in an unauthorized area, as defined in the terms of the lease, plus Cost for the replacement of tires.
– Refueling at the point where the vehicle is stationary, plus Fuel Cost and Fuel Service Cost, in case of refueling.


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